AllSkin Med The Dermal Resque 60 minutes

Price: £100



These 9 steps repairing Skin Treatment has been developed to resurface. It Infuse your skin with powerful growth factors to waken your natural regenerative processes, rebuilding collagen and strengthening the foundation of your skin. Following dual action exfoliation, epidermal micro-needling is performed to active the skin healing response and maximise penetration of the potent SCA Growth Factor Serum which educates the skin to work more efficiently.

A Repairing Treatment Mask is then applied before using a choice of stimulating lifting and sculpturing lymphatic skin movements. You’ll leave feeling utterly relaxed with firmer, smother skin – perfect for a regular monthly skin booster to keep your skin healthy and strong. No Downtime, just great results.

This micro treatment is a super booster of energy for the skin. It is a powerful fusion of ASM Vitamin C

Suitable for: Clients with dry skin with visual aging, tired devitalised skin, stressed, smokers, uneven complexion, uneven texture, fragile or sensitive, post illness, aging