Carboxy CO2 Gel Facial Therapy + LED 45 minutes

Price: £100



What is Carboxy CO2 Gel Facial Therapy?

An innovative skin care treatment using the BOHR effect. The combination of GEL and MASK creates a bubble effect and produces CO2 that enters the deeper layers of the skin.

The increase in CO2 molecules stimulates red blood cells to increase oxygen delivery to the skin and increases cellular metabolism (turnover rate). This promotes the removal of waste and increases the supply of nutrients to the skin, making the skin lighter and more even in tone.

How does it work

Vasodilator effect: vasodilation contributes to the activation of skin cell metabolism as well as the improvement of skin blood vessels. Anti-inflammatory effect: The oxygen released from haemoglobin stimulates the anti-inflammatory and waste-excreting effects, leading to symptom improvement by alleviating the inflammation causing rough skin and other skin problems. Blood fluidity effect: Blood fluidity should be good in order to deliver oxygen to the cells by the uniform blood flow (red blood cells) to the capillaries distributed in the skin. The CO2 absorbed by the skin increases the fluidity of the blood, facilitating the